I have a nice nanobridge on my terrace, pointing to anothe node in the ninux.org neteork. Yesterday it stopped being responsive to anything… I decided I would give it a chance with a reflash of the firmware provided by Saverio. In case somebody else, or myself would need it again I’ll write down some short info.
First of all, the nanobridge is an ubiquiti, so, if everything is bricked you should follow what the openwrt page says for ubiquiti radios. So the procedure goes like this:

  • first try the failsafe reboot mode, which will work or not depending on what you have currently installed
  • If it doesn’t get the latest image from Saverio. The images are very similar, ubiquiti hardware differs only for the number of network interfaces or USB, the bullet image has been tested on many different devices. Get the factory image, the other is for upgrade only.
  • use the TFTP method as described in the openwrt page. Just recall to switch off any network manager you have running, tftp is a very simple protocol, if the IP of your device changes you will see no feedback, just some timeout messages.
  • Once reflashed do not telnet, use ssh instead: ssh (password ‘root’)
  • then you can go on as Saverio’s guide says (configure the network interfaces, configure olsrd).

I had some problems with luci and the olsrd plugin, one in a while the web interface spits some random errors, I had to reinstall it twice.
enjoy 🙂

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